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Applications for land grants

Identifier: A0272
Alternate Identifier: AMS ID Number: 5823
Repository: New York State Archives
Related Archival Materials: Is referenced by: E.B.O'Callaghan, "The Calendar of N.Y. Colonial Manuscripts Indorsed Land Papers; in the Office of the Secretary of State of New York, 1643-1803" (Albany: 1864)
Description: The series consists of applications for grants of unappropriated land by letters patent from New York Colony and State. Along with the applications are related reports, surveys, maps, warrants for surveying lands and drafting of letters patent, objections to title (caveats), and letters. The current series is an amalgam of two large pre- and post-revolutionary series held originally by the Office of Secretary of State: "Colonial Council Papers" (1668-1783) and the "Papers of the Land Office" (from 1784). These series, along with several smaller groups of documents which were also originally unique series, were combined to form the current series in 1819.

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