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Part of Road Patent and Tract West of Road Patent, Essex County, N.Y.

Map of the Road Patent and a tract of land west of the patent, and either side of the Town of Schroon and Town of North Hudson line. Map based on field notes and surveys by Wihelm Pickhardt published in 1884. State land outlined in pink and includes the Champlain and Sanford Railroad. The scale is one thousand feet equals one inch.
Identifier: AML_macintyre_B2_22
Date: 1909
Language: English
Repository: Adirondack Museum
Source: Adirondack Museum Library, MacIntyre Iron Works records, MS 65-27, box 2, no. 22.
Rights: This record is not part of the New York State Archives' collection and is presented on our project partner's behalf for educational use only. Please contact the home repository for information on copyright and reproductions.
Special Project: Environmental History Virtual Resource Collection

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