Ashokan Reservoir Record collection

The New York City Board of Water Supply planned and constructed the Ashokan Reservoir and Dam, which impounded the waters of the Esopus Creek in Ulster County, New York, one of the four watersheds in the Catskills, with the aim of supplying water to New York City residents. The majority of Catskill landowners filed a lawsuit against New York City for the unfair treatment they felt they received by the Board of Water Supply. The records consist of various documents generated by the Ulster County Supreme Court proceedings & the County Clerk's Office. Some records were generated by a lawsuit filed against New York City for the mistreatment of residents affected by the Board of Water Supply's expropriation of land and unfair compensation. Included in the records are transcripts, court orders, maps, and copies of records detailing the land seized by the board and the amount paid to owners.