Dutch colonial council minutes, 27 June - 21 July 1639

Order. Gerrit Sanders, an Englishman, having arrived from Virginia in an open bark, bearing at the masthead a prince's swallow-tailed pennant, and at the stern a large red flag with the arms of Amsterdam thereon, the pennant and flag to be removed. [1639]

Court proceedings. Fiscal van der Huyghens vs. Cors Pietersen ; case put over. [1639]

Dismissal of Ulrich Lupold as schout fiscal, and his appointment as commissary, retaining his seat in the council. [1639]

Court proceedings. Pedro Negretto vs. Jan Celes, for taking care of hogs ; judgment for plaintiff. Fiscal vs. Gerrit Jansen, of Oldenburgh, rape ; defendant admits the charge, but pleads betrothal ; fined 20 guilders. Jonas Bronck vs. Clara Matthys ; breach of contract ; judgment for plaintiff. Fiscal vs. Thomas Walraven ; case postponed. The same vs. Jan Steen ; defendant ordered to satisfy the fiscal. [1639]
June 27 – July 21 1639
New York State Archives. New York (Colony). Council. Dutch colonial council minutes, 1638-1665. Series A1809-78. Volume 4, page 44.
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