Dutch colonial council minutes, 3-9 November 1639 and 17-24 November 1639

Court proceedings. Teunis Cray vs. Gysbert Opdyck, action of debt ; judgment for plaintiff. Hans Nelisen vs. Jan Salomonsen ; default. Cornelis Lambersen Cool vs. George Luco ; postponed. Fiscal vs. Juriaen Rodolff, to restore wampum taken from Indians ; restitution ordered. William Bredenbent vs. Aert Tonissen, for pound fees ; settled. [1639] 

Court proceedings. Hendrick Pietersen vs. Barent Dircksen ; ordered, that inventory be taken of the goods purchased by plaintiff from defendant. Fiscal vs. Jan Evertsen Bout ; default. [1639]

Declaration. Gysbert Opdyck, commissary at Fort Hope, respecting the manner in which Lewis Barbese, his black boy, came by his death. [1639] ​(Pages 53-54).

Court proceedings. Hendrick Pietersen vs. Barent Dircksen, action for debt ; judgment for plaintiff. Peter van der Linde vs. Aert Teunissen ; continued. Jan Schepmoes vs. Hendrick Westercamp. Fiscal vs. Jan Schepmoes, theft ; case postponed. [1639]

Court proceedings. Jan Schepmoes vs. Hendrick Westercamp, for fulfillment of contract ; judgment for plaintiff. Fiscal vs. Jan Schepmoes, theft ; defendant ordered to pay for what he took and costs. Laurence Haen vs. Nicholas, the tobacco planter, for restitution of a canoe ; judgment for plaintiff. Nicholas, the tobacco planter, vs. Thomas Hall, attorney for George Homs, action of debt ; postponed. [1639] (Page 54).
November 3 – 24 1639
New York State Archives. New York (Colony). Council. Dutch colonial council minutes, 1638-1665. Series A1809-78. Volume 4, page 53.
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