Press release from Aspira of New York, Inc, 1985

Press release from ASPIRA Association of New York, Inc. declaring support for "Ten Years of Neglect" Educational Priorities panel report, October 25, 1985. ASPIRA Executive Director Angelo Gonzalez expressed agreement that the New York Board of Education failed to support bilingual education in the public schools, calling for an immediate response from the Board.

ASPIRA was founded in 1961 by Puerto Rican-born Antonia Pantoja to counter a high dropout rate by Puerto Rican youth in New York City's high schools. Pantoja emphasized leadership development and community service, as well as a commitment to educational excellence. In 1968, ASPIRA America grew out of the original organization, now know as the ASPIRA Association, with offices in several states and Puerto Rico.
October 25 1985
Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños. Diana Caballero Papers, 1967-1999. Box 19, Folder 3.
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