Returns of survey of several tracts of lands in Delaware

Returns of survey of the following named tracts of lands in Delaware; Maritie's Hook; Groeningen; Abraham's Delight; Drumer's Neck; The Good Neighborhood; Calton; Pimepakka, &c.; Point Pleasant; Quessinawominck; Teckquirassy; Shakhamexunk; Pimmerpakka; Towocawonink; White Clay's creek; and a piece laid out for Peter Dalboe. Grantees for the 1st tract are, Charles Jansen, Otto Ranson, Otto Neilson, Hans Hopman, John Hendrickson and Hans Otteson; 2d, Peter Alricks; 3d, Abraham Enloes; 4th, Maurice Daniel; 5th, Casparus Herman; 6th, John Barker; 7th, Michael Fredericks; 8th, Francis Walker and Dunk Williams; 10th, Peter Cock; 11th, Lawrentius Carolus; 12th, Lawrence Cock, Erick Cock, Michael Neilson, Otto Ernest Cock, Gower Ramboe and Pieter Nielson; 17th, Peter Peterson and Gasper Fish; 18th, Erick Mallock, Otto Nielson and Christian Thomason; 19th, Peter Thomason.
July 13 1676
New York State Archives. New York (Colony). Council. British Delaware River Settlement Administrative Records, 1646-1664. Series A1879. Volume 20.2.
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