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National Guard Muster Roll Abstracts for World War I, Volume 39, Section F: Charles Frazier-William Freeman

Identifier: NYSA_13721-83_V39_Frazier-Freeman
This document contains the records of Charles Frazier, George Frazier, Harry Frazier, Smithy Frazier, Daniel Frederick, Alred Freeman, Bernard Freeman, Edward Freeman, Elmer Freeman, Ernest Freeman, Joseph Freeman, Thomas Freeman, and William Freeman.;The individual abstracts for each enlisted man provide the following data: U.S. Army serial number; date and place of commission or enlistment; date of appearance for duty; dates of muster into service (N.Y. and U.S. with rank, company, and regiment); date and rank at time of leaving service; and reason for leaving service - type of discharge or transfer.;Following these data are "remarks" which sometimes give additional details. The lower part of the form has space to record personal information, however, this space is often left blank. Manuscript (handwritten) data on printed form. See for catalog record.
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