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Newspaper clippings on film “The Miracle” by Roberto Rossellini

Identifier: NYSA_A1418-77_B2561_F2_article_001-014
Newspaper clippings relating to the controversy surrounding the film “The Miracle.” Clippings from the New York Times: December 24, 1950; January 8, 1951; January 21, 1951; February 11, 1951; February 18, 1951; and an ad for the resumed showing of the film at The Paris movie theater in New York City, June 16, 1952. Clippings also from The Evangelist (published by the Albany Catholic Press Association), December 29, 1950; The Tablet’s Legion of Decency List (a weekly publication by the Diocese of Brooklyn), December 30, 1950; Catholic News, December 30, 1950; The Daily News, January 15, 1951; Herald Tribune, February 18, 1951; and Motion Picture Herald, February 24, 1951; and May 27, 1952
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