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Council minutes, July 3, 1752

Identifier: NYSA_A1895-78_V023_033-034-035-036
Letter received from Governor Hamilton of Pennsylvania. Report on the petition of Robert Livingston jr (p. 25) and petition of Westenhook patentees (see N.Y. col. mss, 77:44, 46, 47) referred. Warrants for salaries signed. Report of attorney general about Spanish negroes (p. 31) to be sent to the governor of St Augustine (see N.Y. col. mss. 77:50). Patents granted: to Coenradt Kanterman (see Land Papers 14:157); to Johs Lawyer and Phil. Bergh (see Land Papers 14:159); to John Leake (see Land Papers 14:158): to Augustus van Cortlandt (see Land Papers 14:154). Licenses to purchase Indian lands granted: to Arent Stevens et al (see Land Papers 14:164): to David Schuyler, Peter D. Schuyler, Adolph Myer and John van Cortlandt (see Land Papers 14:165). Ferry patent granted to Abr'm Kip and Moses Cantine (see Land Papers 14:167). 
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