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Memo from the Hostos Community College

Identifier: HOS_GeMe_B4_SSHFPSC_755
Memo to Hostos Community College faculty and staff with an update on negotiations to save the bilingual college from closing, Albany, N.Y., May 24, 1976.;Later that same year the New York State Legislature passed a bill requiring the South Bronx to maintain a bilingual college, and by so doing, saved Hostos Community College.;The Save Hostos movement was a series of three mobilizations, beginning with the 1974 Hostos Needs Space drive to purchase the building at 500 Grand Concourse. Shortly after the building was purchased, the CUNY system experienced a fiscal crisis and a proposed restructuring that would have incorporated Hostos Community College into Bronx Community College, spurring the 1975 Action to Save Hostos. Again successful, organizers created the Hostos United/Hostos Unido in 1977, and together with the Community Coalition to Save Hostos, secured funding to renovate the 500 building.
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