Dutch colonial council minutes, 19-26 August 1638

Court procedings. Rev. Everardus Bogardus vs. Loosrecht, laborer, action for non-fulfillment of contract ; judgment for plaintiff. Adam Roelantsen from Dockum vs. Jan Kant, for slander ; defendant had reported to the council that plaintiff had declared, he did not care for any one in the country ; evidence in the case. Same vs. Jan of Bremen et al., for slander. (cont'd) [1638]

Ordinance for the cultivation and inspection of tobacco, and for the drawing up by the provincial secretary, all contracts, obligations, leases, deeds and other legal instruments. [1638] (Page 16).

Court proceedings. Claes Cornelissen Switz vs. Cornelis Lambertsen Cool, for delivery of a horse ; plaintiff ordered to prove the validity of the sale. Jan Kant vs. Adam Roelantsen, in an action for slander ; defendant declares before the court, that he has nothing to say against the plaintiff, whom he acknowledges to be an honest man. Jan Jansen, gunner, vs. Adam Roelantsen, slander ; parties are condemned each to pay 55 stivers to the poor. Thomas Bescher vs. Maryn Adriaensen, slander. Mr. Gerlyn vs. Nicolas Corlar's servant, slander ; defendant declares he has nothing to say against the plaintiff. Philip Teyler vs. Nicolas Martens, slander ; defendant declares he has nothing to say against the plaintiff. Claes Cornelissen vs. Montagne, for an assault on plaintiff's wife ; defendant pleads guilty and is ordered to settle with the fiscal. Joannes La Montagne vs. Claes Cornelissen, assault. Symon Dircksen Pos vs. Philip de Truy, action of debt. [1638] (Page 17).
Date Original
August 19 – 26 1638
New York State Archives. New York (Colony). Council. Dutch colonial council minutes, 1638-1665. Series A1809-78. Volume 4, page 16.
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