Dutch colonial council minutes, 11-18 September 1642

Further testimony of Rebecca Raetse on the preceding subject, and evidence of Samuel Chandler and Margaret Fransum thereupon. [1642]

Court proceedings. Dirck Corsen (Stam) vs. Jochem Kierstede, respecting a stolen sail which defendant had purchased ; judgment for plaintiff, on condition that he prove property. [1642]

Order to David Pietersen (de Vries) to swear to the correctness of his book, and that Lady Harvey owes him a balance of 45 guilders, or in default to forfeit his claim. [1642]
Date Original
September 11 – 18 1642
New York State Archives. New York (Colony). Council. Dutch colonial council minutes, 1638-1665. Series A1809-78. Volume 4, page 139.
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Mutual Cultural Heritage Project

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