Dutch colonial council minutes, 13-17 December 1646

Court proceedings. Adriaen van der Donck vs. Philip Jansen, for balance of expenses in getting out two masts ; judgment for plaintiff ; amount to be settled by arbitrators, and plaintiff to give security for the return of the money in case Anthony Crol has already paid the account. Oloff Stevensen (van Cortland), attorney for Wouter van Twiller, vs. Claes van Elsland ; plaintiff demands that defendant render an account of Mr. Van Twiller's property ; ordered accordingly. Fiscal vs. Adam Roelantsen, for an attempt at rape ; defendant admits that he had felt the naked bosom of Weyntje Teunis, wife of Hark Syboltsen. [1646]

Sentence. Adam Roelantsen aforesaid, to be publicly flogged, and then banished ; in consideration of his being burthened with four motherless children, and on account of the approaching cold winter, the prisoner is reprieved to a future time, when he is to quit the country. [1646]
Date Original
December 13 – 17 1646
New York State Archives. New York (Colony). Council. Dutch colonial council minutes, 1638-1665. Series A1809-78. Volume 4, page 277.
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