Dutch colonial council minutes, 4-11 July 1647

Order. To prosecute Jochim Pietersen (Kuyter) and Cornelis Melyn, separately, and to place them under arrest. [1647]

Resolution. To postpone, for one year, the collection of the tenths due on farms occupied more than ten years. [1647]

Resolution. That certain letters, addressed to Seger Teunissen, deceased, be opened and examined by secretary Tienhoven, the curators of the estate of the deceased, and Augustyn Heerman, and that the latter inventory and sell the goods sent to him per the ship Falconer. [1647]
Date Original
July 4 – 11 1647
New York State Archives. New York (Colony). Council. Dutch colonial council minutes, 1638-1665. Series A1809-78. Volume 4, page 305.
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Mutual Cultural Heritage Project

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