Ancient Egypt - Ladies at Their Toilet

An artistic rendering of Egyptian ladies at their toilet. In one part, a maid brings ointment and a mirror. In another, a lady applies rouge using the mirror. In the third, the lady has her hair dressed by servants. The image is taken from a print from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, dating from around 2150-1750 BCE. The ancient Egyptians took great pride in their appearance and used a number of products to enhance their beauty. Many Egyptians used oils and ointments to keep their skin soft in the hot, dry climate. Although women often shaved their heads and wore wigs, those who kept their hair often used care in maintaining it. Women generally wore their hair in plaits or in short waves, (1930).
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
New York State Archives, New York (State). Education Dept. Division of Visual Instruction. Instructional lantern slides, ca. 1856-1939. A3045-78, A16975.
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