Map - Greece, Expansion of Roman Power

“Map Showing Expansion of Roman Power from the Beginning of the Revolution to the Death of Caesar, 133-44 B.C.,” from J.H. Breasted's Ancient Times. The original picture was taken with the permission of Ginn and Co., the publishers. This map shows the expansion of the Roman Republic from the beginning of the Roman Revolution to the assassination of Julius Caesar and the beginning of the Roman Empire. The map also chronicles the expansion of several empires that were allied with Rome, such as the Ptolemaic Empire in Egypt. Rome gained control of North Africa and Spain after the defeat of Carthage in the Punic Wars. Caesar defeated the tribes of Vercingetorix, bringing Gaul under Roman domination, n.d.
Date Original
1919 – 1939
Ginn and Co. (publishers)
New York State Archives. New York (State). Education Dept. Division of Visual Instruction. Instructional lantern slides, ca. 1856-1939. A3045-78, A7887.
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