Copy of a legislative act, 1781

A copy of the original "Act for the further amendment of the law directing the sales of forfeited estates." Part 1, side 1 addressed the scale to be used for determining tax on tracts of land that had been devalued. Part one, side two used new legal language such as "dollars" and "United States". One article on part 2, side 1 gave the commissioners the right to seize lands that had not been paid for by agreed upon dates. Part 2, side 2 explained that the commissioners would be authorized to sell forfeited lands to the "troops of this state...for the depreciation of their pay". Part three, side one addressed claims by other parties on the forfeited land. Part 3, side 2 outlined more instances in which tenants would have to forfeit land and/or money to the state.  Part four, side one contained a provision regarding a specific tract of land in Kinderhook, N.Y.  Part four, side two voided a bounty awarded to a John Dean for the apprehension of "British Deputy Adg. General Major André" as the legislature determined that a David Williams, who was awarded the bounty, had actually apprehended André. " Part five, side one exonerated a William Limmer, citing that he "went to the enemy by compulsion," and also ensured that a John Sleight would not pay for land acquired during the American Revolution from his loyalist landlord due to a debt the state owed him. Part five, side 2 contains the secretary's sworn statement and signature with the date.

Date Original
March 31 1781
New York State Archives, New York State Engineer and Surveyor. Records of Surveys and Maps of State Lands, 1686-1892. Series A4016-77, Volume 7, Folder 145, Item a.
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