Kom Ombo, Egypt - Relief on Outer Wall: Servants Bringing Food to the King

Relief on outer wall of the temple at Kom Ombo in Egypt. It displays servants bringing food to the king. Four servants are visible, bringing the king antelopes, birds, and what appears to be fruit on dishes. The the food is carried on dishes, but the antelopes and birds walk next to the servants. The temple at Kom Ombo is actually a double temple, dedicated to both the crocodile headed god Sobek and to the falcon headed god Horus. The temple was constructed during the reign of the Ptolemies during the second century BCE and features numerous reliefs of the King engaged in various activities, n.d.
circa 1913
New York State Archives, New York (State). Education Dept. Division of Visual Instruction. Instructional lantern slides, ca. 1856-1939. A3045-78, C14528.
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