In the Matter of the Claim of Ardith Monteleone, Appellant, v. New York State Attica Correctional Facility and Workers' Compensation Board, Respondents. And 19 Other Related Claims

This is an appeal from a decision of the Workers' Compensation Board, filed December 30, 1986, which, inter alia, denied claimants' applications to reopen their claims. Claimant and Claim No.: Helen T. Cunningham, 57225; Elizabeth M. Hardie, 54684; Donald Almeter, 57828; Robert Curtiss, 57845; Richard A. Fargo, 57837; Lynn Johnson, 57830; Gordon E. Knickerbocker,57846; Paul R. Krotz, 57829; Larry Lyons, 57833; Allen Mitzel, 57834; Anthony Prave, Jr., 57847; Al W. Robbins, 57827; Arthur Smith, 57836; Eugene Smith, 57841; Dean Stenshorn, 57832; John Stockholm, 57838; Gary Walker, 57839; Philip Watkins, 57859; Juanita Werner, 57226; Dean Wright, 57826; Ardith Monteleone, 57224; Walter Zymowski, 57835; Robert Van Buren, 57840
Document Date
January 28 1987
Almeter, Donald
Cunningham, Helen T.
Curtiss, Robert
Fargo, Richard A.
Hardie, Elizabeth M.
Johnson, Lynn
Knickerbocker, Gordon
Krotz, Paul R.
Lyons, Larry
Mitzel, Allen
Monteleone, Ardith
Prave, Anthony Jr.
Robbins, Al W.
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Eugene
Stockholm, John
Taylor, Juanita Werner
Tenney, Eugene C.
Van Buren, Robert
Walker, Gary
Watkins, Philip
Williams, Henry F.
Zymowski, Walte
New York State Attica Correctional Facility
New York State Department of Law
Phillips, Lytle, Hitchcock, Blaine & Hube
Document Types
Court Documents
"New York State Department of Law special investigation files relating to the Attica uprising, circa 1971-2001. W0100-21."
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