Order by the Honorable John T. Elfvin, United States District Court, Western District of New York in the matter of Akil Al-Jundi, et al. v. Nelson A. Rockefeller et al.

Order, dated April 23, 1987, by the Honorable John T. Elfvin, United States District Court, Western District of New York in Buffalo in the matter of Akil Al-Jundi a/k/a Herbert Scott Deane; Big Black a/k/a Frank Smith; Elizabeth Durham, Mother and Legal Representative of Allen Durham, deceased; Litho Lundy, Mother and Legal Representative of Charles Lundy, deceased; Theresa Hicks, Widow and Legal Representative of Thomas Hicks, deceased; Alice McNeil, Mother and Legal Representative of Lorenzo McNeil, deceased; Maria Santos, Mother and Legal Representative of Santiago Santos, deceased; Jomo Joka Omowale a/k/a Eric Thompson; Vernon Lafranque; Alfred Plummer; Herbert X. Blyden; Joseph Little; Robin Palmer; George “Che” Nieves; James B. “Red” Murphy; Thomas Louk; Peter Butler; Charles “Flip” Crowley; William Maynard, Jr.; Calvin Hudson; Kimanthi Mpingo a/k/a Edward Dingle; Ken-du a/k/a Willie Stokes Plaintiffs v. Nelson A. Rockefeller; Russell Oswald; Walter Dunbar; John C. Baker; A.C. O’Hara; John Monahan; John C. Miller; Leon Vincent; Karl Pfeil; Robert F. Fischer; Wim Van Eekeren; Vincent Mancusi; John Does Nos. 1-100. The Order addresses parties to intervene as plaintiff. The transmittal letter, dated April 24, 1987, is under the name of Edward P. Gueth, Clerk, United States District Court, Western District of New York.
Document Date
April 23 1987
Al-Jundi, Akil
Baker, John C.
Barkley, L.D.
Barkley, Laverne
Big Black
Blyden, Herbert X.
Boalds, Osborne
Butler, Peter
Campbell, Richard
Carlisle, George
Colon, Armando
Crowley, Charles "Flip"
Deane, Herbert Scott
Dingle, Edward
Does, John
Dunbar, Walter
Dunlap, Melvin R.
Durham, Allen
Durham, Elizabeth
Eekeren, Wim Van
El-Amin, Sabir
Elfvin, John T.
Fischer, Robert F.
Gray, Melvin Duvall
Gueth, Edward P.
Haiku, Kendu
Hicks, Theresa
Hicks, Thomas
Hill, Sara G.
Hudson, Calvin
Jones, Milton L.
Jones, Steven
Lafranque, Vernon
Lewis, George
Lindemuth, Gordon A.
Little, Joseph
Louk, Thomas
Lundy, Charles
Lundy, Litho
Mancusi, Vincent
Maynard, William
McNeil, Alice
McNeil, Lorenzo
Menyweather, Milton
Miller, John C.
Monahan, John
Moore, James R.
Mpingo, Kimanthi
Muntaqim, Yahya Muhammand Abdullah
Murphy, James B. "Red"
Nieves, George
O'Hara, A.C.
Omowale, Jomo Joka
Oswald, Russell G.
Palmer, Robin
Pfeil, Karl
Plummer, Alfred
Rivera, Louis A.
Robalo, Johnny
Robinson, Thomas
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Santos, Maria
Santos, Santiago
Simone, John
Smith, Frank B.B.
Stokes, Willie
Thompson, Eric
Torry, Clarence
Vincent, Leon
West, Brenda R.
West, Willie
Williams, Alfred
Williams, Millicent
Document Types
Court Documents
"New York State Department of Law special investigation files relating to the Attica uprising, circa 1971-2001. W0100-21."
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