Notice of Motion for an Order in the matter of Akil Al-Jundi, et al. v. Oswald, et al

Notice of Motion, dated April 26, 1993, filed in the United States District Court, Western District of New York, in the matter of Akil Al-Jundi, a/k/a Herbert Scott Deane, et al. against Kurt G. Oswald, as Administrator of the Estate of Russell G. Oswald, John S. Keller, as the Administrator of the Estate of John Monahan, Vincent Mancusi and Karl Pfeil. The Notice was filed by Joshua J. Effron requesting an order to amend Judge John T. Elfvin's Order of February 22, 1993. Judge Elfvin's February 22, 1993 Order is also attached.
Document Date
April 26 1993
Al-Jundi, Akil
Berens, Jr., Donald P.
Big Black
Cunningham, Dennis
Deane, Herbert Scott
Deutsch, Michael
Early, Rodney C.
Effron, Joshua
Elfvin, John T.
Elmore, John
Fink, Elizabeth
Heath, Joseph
Keller, John S.
Maghran, Irving
Mancusi, Vincent
Meyers, Daniel
Monahan, John
Moot, Richard
Oswald, Kurt G.
Oswald, Russell G.
Pfeil, Karl
Rifkin, Richard
Rosenberg, Jerome
Stenger, John H.
Effron Law Firm
Document Types
Court Documents
"New York State Department of Law special investigation files relating to the Attica uprising, circa 1971-2001. W0100-21."
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